Principal's Message

School Principal's Message

Believing is the infinite horizon and with complete faith in the innate limitless possibilities and implicit abilities, Nirman school marches forward with elan. As we successfully complete three years of edification at Nirman school, we are proud to say that the past years have been dotted with milestones achieved. We feel the excitement of an initiate because each day executed well makes us more eager to learn, to explore, to experiment and absorb.

The world today is need of such individuals who combine within themselves a blend of intellectual reasoning and sound moral values to be successfully able to cope with the challenges that life has to offer and to meet these with poise and equanimity.

Creating respect for our traditions, human values, culture and heritage is a part of our school environment. We believe in imparting education characterised by thoroughness and high principles that help the students grow in responsibility, self reliance and the ability to make wise decisions.The committed and caring faculty of the school is devoted to furthering the cause of education that aims at making the child realize his potentialities and leave the school as a harmonious personality.

It is our aim and aspiration to see Nirman school strive ever onwards and become a name synonymous with education 'par excellence'.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

Wisdom is supreme; therefore make a full effort to get wisdom. Esteem her and she will exalt you; embrace her and she will honor you.